Covers shown: CD 2005, downloads 2013. NEVERLESS (2005)

* Album cover photographs by Morgan Fisher

Austria: Klanggalerie gg96 (original limited-edition CD release)

2013 download release:
Belgium: Off Records

Neverless: ODG012
Live at Porgy & Bess, Vienna: ODG013
Two-album set: ODX001

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1. Always
2. Whatelse
3. However
4. Inparticular
5. Wherefrom

6. (Live album): Live at Porgy & Bess, Vienna

Hans-Joachim Roedelius, born in Berlin in 1934, has long been regarded as a pioneer of ambient music. In the early 1970's his band Cluster made several recordings with Brian Eno. Since then, his extraordinarily prolific career has resulted in over 80 albums, many of them collaborations with musicians from all over the world. It was inevitable that one day his path would cross with Morgan's.

That time came in 2005, thanks to an introduction made by Walter Robotka of Klanggalerie Records (who released Morgan's Three Faces in 2003). Roedelius sent Morgan several recordings from his vast archives (including two with renowned ambient musicians Felix Jay and Fabio Capanni). Morgan then went to work in his home studio, adding further layers of music and sound, and the result is a rich, mysterious soundscape, as can be expected from such a creative collaboration between two masters of the genre.

After an initial limited-edition CD, this album is now available as a download (see link above).

Morgan and Roedelius met only after the album was complete, playing a memorable concert at Vienna's finest jazz club, Porgy and Bess, in October 2005.

The live recording (about 45') is also now available as a download (see same link above). The two albums may be bought separately or together.

Roedelius website: