THREE FACES (April 2003)

Limited edition 7" 33rpm vinyl single

Austria: Klanggalerie gg58

* Cover photographs by Morgan Fisher


1. Yakimo


1. Looking Out My Window

2. Morganics #1

Three Faces is a modest little release, particularly in comparison to the all-encompassing complexity of Morgan's previous release, "Miniatures 2." However, within its three tracks it contains a rich sampling of Morgan's varied musical styles.

"Yakimo" is an 8-minute multi-layered ambient piece featuring the call of a Japanese baked potato seller, a sound which always touches Morgan's heart, especially as in the 21st century the cries of street sellers have all but disappeared. Side B starts with "Looking Out My Window", a merry nature-loving song featuring Morgan's quirky vocals, sounding a little like Robert Wyatt. He performed it in Tokyo in March 2003 with Jane Siberry, who commented, "this could be your next big hit - it's so catchy I can't get it out of my mind." This segues into "Morganics #1", one of Morgan's charming minimal organ improvisations, and obviously the first in a forthcoming series.

About the sleeve: Morgan created these images one day when he was walking along the west coast of Japan and came upon a vast rusting pile of junk metal. He happened to have his camera with him, and quickly threw together a series of eccentric metal faces. At the time (1992) four of these faces were used as the cover of an album by Tama, a Japanese folk band.