MA (1994)

Compilation of Re-series & other tracks
Russia: UEP Records UEP-001

1. We Are On The Brink
2. Breathing Rain
3. High Water Part 1
4. Shinesound #4
5. Shakerhythm #1
6. Humtone #1
7. Shakerhythm #2
8. Humtone #2
9. Shinesound #1
10. Shakerhythm #3
11. Humtone #3
12. Shakerhythm #4
13. Humtone #4
14. Shinesound #5
15. The Recharge Theme

By a lucky chance, Morgan was contacted by Leonid, a generous and likeable rock music fan in Ekaterinburg, Russia, who ran the local Beatles fan club. After a friendly exchange of letters and CD’s, Leonid invited Morgan to release an album there, and created a label specifically for this album. "Ma" contains a selection of tracks from the original Re-series albums, plus three previously unreleased tracks (two of which later appeared on the CD of "Water Music"). The title "Ma" is a traditional Japanese concept which Morgan loves - it refers to the space between words in a poem, notes in music, or images in a painting - indeed many Japanese paintings are executed so that the eye is drawn to the empty space. Certainly a similar concept operates in many of Morgan’s Japanese albums.

Note: here’s what Morgan Fisher looks like written in the Russian alphabet: