Japan: Prem Promotions PRP-0005

1. Silence
2. Welcome Home
3. The Winged Ones
4. Touch The Earth
5. Tranquil Embrace
6. Siesta Dell'Acqua

Japan: Prem Promotions PRP-0007

1. Brightsong #1
2. Shinesound #1
3. Brightsong #2
4. Shinesound #2
5. Brightsong #3
6. Shinesound #3
7. Brightsong #4
8. Shinesound #4
9. Brightsong #5
10. Shinesound #5
11. The Refresh Theme

Japan: Prem Promotions PRP-0006

1. Shakerhythm #1
2. Humtone #1
3. Shakerhythm #2
4. Humtone #2
5. Shakerhythm #3
6. Humtone #3
7. Shakerhythm #4
8. Humtone #4
9. The Recharge Theme

In 1992 Morgan moved to Prem Promotions, an independent, spiritually-oriented label based in Tokyo, where he felt that his music would be promoted with more understanding of the message he was trying to convey. His first project was a series of albums which were intended to be sold in the 24-hour convenience stores which have sprung up on every street corner in Japan. The deal fell through, but Morgan went ahead and produced three albums with simple, generic titles, which would appeal to the overworked businesspeople of Japan who may have little knowledge of, but much need of, simple yet deep music that would provide them with the relaxing energy to help them handle the stress of modern city life. Using the sampled sounds of instruments such as bells, marimba, violin and so on, these albums are a breath of fresh air and have a delightful naivete which shows the feeling of innocence that Morgan’s music can evoke. Since their release, several major labels in Japan have produced rather banal, soporific new age compilation albums bearing the same titles.