Covers shown: LP 1987, CD 1998

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Double album
Japan: Metrotron Records Megalo-2
Re-issued on CD in 1998, On-Off/Tokuma Japan TKCB-71493

1. Henflow
2. Formlessflow
3. Gooseflow
4. In The Garden Of A Church
5. Searching For The Temple Within
6. An Invocation
7. Let The Children Be
8. A Cup Of Tea
9. Gently Swaying
10. Lighting A Cigarette, Lighting A Pipe
11. Peace In The Heart Of The City
12. Breakfast In Bed
13. Breathe The Mountain Air
14. I'm Alive!
15. Dive Deep (Into the Now)*
16. With Arms Raised
17. Naked To The World

Toby Marshall: Soprano Saxophone, Singing Bell 10

* Track 15 on LP only

"Flow Overflow" was a double LP: "Flow" were what Morgan calls "spontaneous compositions" recorded in one take. On "Overflow" he overdubbed a cassette of recordings he had made when fooling around with the new (at the time) Yamaha DX7 Mark II synthesizer. He thought this cassette (which was just a series of instant improvised sketches, each inspired by the new sounds available on the DX7) was just a bunch of ideas which he would develop and re-record, but they had such a good, natural feel to them that he used parts of the actual cassette and added other instruments in his home studio. The general style of these albums: hmmm, a kind of synthesised modern spiritual chamber music.

Like "Inside Satie", the 1998 CD re-issue of this album has been beautifully remastered and re-packaged with a cover photograph by Regina Deluise.