Covers shown: CD 1990, CD 1996

Japan: Kitty Enterprises KTCM-1002
US: Global Pacific GPD 351
Re-issued in 1996, Japan: Prem Promotions PRE-1204
1990 album cover photograph by Morgan Fisher

1. Mind Games
2. Oh My Love
3. Beautiful Boy darling boy
4. Hold On
5. Give Peace A Chance/ Happy Xmas war is over
6. Grow Old With Me
7. Jealous Guy
8. How?
9. Love
10. Imagine

Yoko Ono: Speaking Voice 9

Morgan’s third album for Kitty, and an important one. After the success of "Peace In The Heart Of The City" Morgan felt the need to make an album that would take his peaceful music to an even wider public. One day he saw the film "Imagine" and was struck with the idea of performing John Lennon’s love songs. This album shows how well Lennon’s songs of universal peace translate into Morgan’s ambient piano style. Yoko Ono wholeheartedly supported the project, and for the song "Love," she offered to read the lyrics in her beautiful, deep speaking voice - an extraordinary contrast to her more acerbic, intense singing voice. On its release the album generated controversy, with public and critical reaction evenly divided between those who saw it as a travesty of Lennon’s songs, and those who were deeply touched by the way this album reveals, through Morgan’s delicate playing, the sensitive, meditative side of John Lennon.


Morgan Fisher's unique album, combining his original color photographs with arrangements of non-Beatle Lennon music, produces an outstandingly unique work of art. His passionate keyboard work overflows with images, ardent musings, and heartfelt wisdom that wonderfully echoes the poetry of Lennon and his charismatic life. The musical line is minimal, only digital piano and percussion [not true - many other sampled sounds were used - MF]; the tempo is adagio. But, as Yoko writes of this album: "By slowing down the music to its extreme limit, Morgan Fisher has allowed the musical notes to float in a space the size of the universe..." (All Music Guide)