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INTRO (written in 2000).

Morgan Fisher is an English keyboard player/composer/producer resident in Tokyo, whose unusual careerhas included a remarkable variety of activities. Currently he produces music in his compact, high-tech home studio, using samplers and computers to produce a highly individual blend of ambient/world/minimal music with a refined and contemplative quality. Influences that appear in his work may range from Miles Davis to Terry Riley, Erik Satie, Nino Rota, The Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Harold Budd, and Augustus Pablo. A rich yet delicate brew, created through his use of obscure software and very shiny recording technology. He's been at it since the late 60's - in those days samplers and MIDI were not even dreamed of, yet he managed through the laborious use of tape loops and early synthesizers to produce numerous recordings, a nicely contradictory mix of spirituality and a humourous punk mentality.

Often his career had him treading the boards with some of the world leaders in rock music. These experiences were enjoyable and exciting ways to learn his craft, but they were collaborations rather than direct expressions of his musical individuality. Since he turned 50 on the first day of the new millennium, he feels more on track than ever. His work (both in sound and in visual images) is harking back to the very first things that interested him as a rather introverted boy growing up in London. The beauty of nature glimpsed through a microscope; little creatures brought home in a jar from his daily solo walks down to the ponds and rivers; the shimmering Debussy-like arrangements of the crackly old French chanson records his parents owned; his grandmother's out-of tune piano, on which he tinkled away bemused and fascinated from the age of six; the sounds of seagulls and waves on the shore at Broadstairs; the world discovered in a grain of sand. His unusual life has enriched him and he continues to share his discoveries in his own unique ways.

NEWS is now kept up to date on the Live and Discography pages. The following news material is for archival porpoises.

September 12, 2013

NEVERLESS, the album I made with Hans Joachim Roedelius (of the pioneering 70's ambient band Cluster, and later Harmonia) in 2005, is now on sale as a download, from Off Records in Belgium and all the usual online vendors. A recording of our concert in Vienna is also available. See info and listen to short clips HERE.

Until April 13, 2013 - NOTE - 5 of these items sold, the others are still available!


Morgan is offering 10 unusual musical items, mostly rare vintage instruments, in the current VEMIA (Vintage Electric Musical Instrument Auction), which ends April 13th (with an extra day's bidding on unsold items on April 14th). Here they are, with links to each one. Even if you may not be interested in buying, the photos and information provided might appeal to any lover of fine old gear!

WURLITZER Brasshorn Speaker (looks like a trombone - as used by Jimi Hendrix!

MU-TRON III Envelope Filter Pedal (as used by Stevie Wonder on "Higher Ground") SOLD

TRIADEX MUSE music generator + ultra-rare amplifier/speaker (designed by MIT professors in 1972.

MAESTRO Woodwind Sound System W1 as used by Don Ellis and other wild 60's jazzers SOLD

ROCKTRON Banshee II Talkbox for Beck/Walsh/Frampton-style talking guitar

HOHNER Electravox Deluxe Accordion/Organ an organ for people who like to walk around

HOHNER Electronium Accordion/Synth a synth for people who like to walk around SOLD

ROLAND RE-200 Space Echo much rarer than the RE-201, and kinder to tapes and heads SOLD

CRUMAR Synthaphone ultra-rare small synth with a big sound SOLD

FARFISA Transicord Deluxe Accordion/Organ an organ for the coolest accordionist

December 8, 2012 ~ January 11, 2013

LIGHT PAINTINGS - FCCJ: Morgan will hold his exhibition of light paintings at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan in Yurakucho, Tokyo.
On the opening day (Dec. 8) the art will be viewable from 11:00am.
At 5:30pm there will be an opening reception, followed by Morgan's solo performances at 6:30pm and 7:45pm.
This event is only open to FCCJ members and their guests.

December 12, 2012

CHRISTMAS PING-PONG DJ PARTY with PETER BARAKAN - Com.Cafe Otokura, Shimo-kitazawa, 7:00pm
Morgan will participate in a "Ping-Pong DJ" session with renowned broadcaster/writer Peter Barakan, each playing one track in turn. They will talk about their lives growing up in North London at the same time (late 60's/early 70's) and Morgan will play some live piano music and show his family Christmas films from that era.
Tickets ¥4000 (incl. one drink, snacks). Reserve seats here.
Flyer (Japanese) here.

September 19, 2012

Doors open 6:30pm. Show starts 7:00pm: Talk show with Morgan and noted DJ/broadcaster PETER BARAKAN, followed by a showing of the film "The Ballad of Mott the Hoople." Tickets: ¥2000. Drinks available! INFO, TRAILER, CLIP

November 29, 2011

11am-9pm daily until Feb, 26, 2012:
LIGHT - COLOUR - PLAY, AGAIN! Morgan has been invited again to show his "Light - Colour - Play!" backlight images at GalleryBox, a public space on the 3rd/4th/5th floors of the Bay Quarter shopping centre near Yokohama station - this time with full illumination (at the first showing last March electricity was restricted). He will add digital photo frames showing 120 more images.

November 14, 2011

MORGANIC WORKSHOP VIDEOS: Now up on Youtube: Three videos of Morgan demonstrating some of his rare and vintage keyboards to members of JSPA (Japan Synthesizer Programmers' Association) at his "Morganic"event (Sept. 8, 2011 in Vacant Harajuku, Tokyo). A rare chance to hear some highly unusual sounds. Spoken mostly in so-so Japanese.

Part 1: Russian Faemi organ / the Ondioline
Part 2: Roland Space Echo / Hohner Multimonica / Hohner ADAM / Hohner Bass Accordion
Part 3: Russian Mahyan organ / Triadex Muse / Fairlight Voicetracker

October 30, 2011

11/24: Morgan will participate in a "Ping-Pong DJ" session with Peter Barakan, each playing one track in turn. They will also talk about their lives growing up in North London at the same time (late 60's/early 70's) and Morgan will play some live music.
Place: Com.Cafe, Shimokitazawa

September 29, 2011

Morgan makes his US art debut with a stunning exhibition of his largest prints ever, at the Winfield Gallery in Carmel, California, Oct. 2-31. He will also perform live at the Gallery at 5pm on October 15, and in the Music Cafe of the Carmel Art & Film Festival at lunchtime on October 16.

August 18, 2011

A fascinating 10-day event atVacant, Harajuku, Sept. 2-11.
It will feature Morgan's vintage, analog and rare keyboard collection, and his light paintings.
Click here for details

July 18, 2011

has been completely renewed and moved to an independent web page. It features a totally new design, with slide shows and sales of prints, DVD's and postcard sets. Click HERE

March 27, 2011

Morgan and his friends Graham Thomas (ex-Saatchi&Saatchi Japan boss) and Tadd Igarashi (leading Japanese rock journalist) have organised a youtube channel featuring inspiring songs and messages from international artists, in support of the victims of the Japanese disaster. Videos have been contributed by artists such as rock star Paul Rodgers and minimal music pioneer Terry Riley; 55,000 views and 60 videos now - more are coming in all the time.
Watch and listen HERE

March 20, 2011

is Morgan's latest digital release, a trippy synth EP featuring two freeform improvs and two beat-filled remixes. More info, sounds, video HERE

March 7, 2011

a public space on the 3rd/4th/5t
h floors of the Bay Quarter shopping centre near Yokohama station, featured Morgan's "Light, Colour, Play!" backlight print show from March 6 to May 29th.

February 7, 2011

Morgan's light paintings are featured on the cover and in a seven-page spread in the Winter 2010 edition of Artworks, a beautiful art magazine produced in Carmel, California. The magazine may be ordered from their website, artworksmagazine.com

Plans are being made for exhibitions and live events in California later this year.
Watch this space for news.

December 12, 2010

"LUMINOUS" is the title of Morgan's next art exhibition, this time in the stylish Fireking Cafe & Gallery, next to Yoyogi-Uehara Station on the Chiyoda and Odakyu lines. This exhibition features a selection of Morgan's most recent light paintings, which display a particularly warm, organic kind of luminosity such as the image above (to be displayed as Morgan's largest print to date, around 1 x 3 meters).

A short video of this exhibition may be viewed here.

The cafe features fine Asian dining all day, in a relaxed yet chic atmosphere.

Dates: Jan.11 ~ Feb.6, 2011.
Hours: weekdays: 11:30am ~ 2:00am, weekends & national holidays: 12:00pm~2:00am

Fireking Cafe
1-30-8 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3469-7911

Finest quality digital art paper has kindly been provided by Cosmos International and Pictran.

November 10, 2010

Morgan has just started a new blog on the subject of his two legendary MINIATURES albums (released in 1980 and 2000), featuring songs, poems, sound-pictures, each around one minute in length. A feast of stunning creativity by a grand total of 106 artists, from the world-renowned to the underground.
Hear the songs, read about them, see photos, link to the artists, enjoy stories and digressions from Morgan...
MOJO magazine rated Miniatures thus: "Hurrah!.... a conceptual masterpiece!"

September 25, 2010

"THE LIGHT PAINTER" is the title of Morgan's first DVD featuring his light paintings.
This DVD is a 60-minute immersion experience featuring 121 images accompanied by
9 of his musical improvisations recorded live at Superdeluxe and other venues in Tokyo.
It is available directly from Morgan by emailing him here.
Price: $25, £15 or 2500 yen, including a signed postcard and postage worldwide.
Payment is by Paypal or cash only.

An 8-minute high-definition excerpt has been posted on youtube here.

August 17, 2010

"THE LIGHT PAINTER" - Morgan's next art exhibition - will be held at Gallery Cosmos in Meguro, Tokyo, September 14-26.
This exhibition offers an overview of Morgan’s 20 years of light painting - a wider range than has ever been shown. "Light Painting" describes Morgan's way of creating stunning visual art by moving the camera during long exposures in front of various types of light sources. He is one of the only photographers who has for such a long time specialised in and refined this fascinating art form - a kind of "visual music."
Images range from early simp
le city lights (shot using a Contax RTSII 35mm camera) to dazzling new sunlight paintings taken with a digital Hasselblad/PhaseOne system. They will be presented on various papers (mainly Pictran) from canvas-like matts to iridescent backlights, in sizes from A4 to over a meter wide. The show will also feature a continuous projection of the accompanying art-and-music DVD of the same title.

Morgan will give a live performance on vintage analog keyboards on Sept. 20 (a public holiday).

The online art gallery has been radically updated to coincide with the forthcoming exhibition.

Schedule: 9/14 - 9/26, 11.00am - 6.30pm
Opening party: 9/14, 6.30pm~
Short live concert: 9/20, 5.30pm~

Location: Gallery Cosmos (click here for map)
Address: 3-1-22 Shimo-Meguro 3F, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0064
Tel: 03-3495-4218
Cosmos International: 03-3494-8621

April 4, 2010

"LIGHT PAINTING/SOUND PAINTING" is the title of Morgan's latest art exhibition and concert.
The exhibition will be held at the Blue-T Cafe & Gallery in Sasazuka, Tokyo from April 18-25.
It will include vibrant backlit images as well as fine archive prints in various sizes up to 36" x 44".
On April 23rd at 8pm Morgan will give a solo concert in the gallery. A delicious Asian buffet is included.
Please see the Live Information page for more details.

February 23, 2010

"INSIDE MOTT THE HOOPLE" is an expanded version of Morgan's previous "BACKTRACKS" exhibition featuring his 1970's photographs of Mott the Hoople on the road and in the studio.
It will be held at Gallery Bauhaus in Ochanomizu, Tokyo from March 2 until April 3.
Superior quality monochrome silver gelatin and colour giclee prints have been specially made for the occasion and will be on sale in signed limited editions.
Morgan's MOTT IN AMERICA DVD will also be on sale.
See Morgan's Flickr page for a preview of the photographs.
On March 19th at 7pm Morgan will give a solo concert and talk show in the gallery.

December 13, 2009

Morgan's "BACKTRACKS" photos of Mott the Hoople on tour and in the studio (as exhibited in The Troubadour Gallery, London, during the Mott reunion shows last October) can all now be viewed online at Flickr. There you will also see details of how you can purchase the (large, signed) photographs. The Hoopling page continues to be updated with new photos and live videos.

November 5, 2009

The new Hoopling page has been set up to cover the Mott the Hoople reunion and ongoing related news. It includes links to many photos and videos.

September 16, 2009

JOHN FIDDLER will be the special guest at the MTH/MTK (Mott the Hoople - Meet the Keyboards) event in London on October 5&6. More information HERE.

September 7, 2009

Morgan is having late summer break - the next Morgan’s Organ concert will be on November 19th.

In October, Mott the Hoople - the band Morgan played with in the 1970's - will play reunion concerts in the UK. The concerts will feature the original 5 members.

Morgan will not be performing with the band. However, he will be holding on a photo exhibition and other live events in London. For more information please go HERE.

June 3, 2009

"BEAUTY & LIGHT" JOINT EXHIBITION. From June 10 to 25, there will be a joint exhibition of Morgan's Light Paintings and Pascal d'Aboyer's female studies at Superdeluxe, Nishi-Azabu. Morgan will perform there on the opening and closing nights.

March 25, 2009


Today Sony/DefSTAR Records will release NON MON (cat. no. DFCP-17), an album compiling some of Morgan's most interesting music written for Japanese TV advertisements. Ranging from string quintets to hardcore jazz, minimal and ethnic music to Disneyesque surrealism, the widely varied tracks have been extended from their original lengths of 30 seconds or so to around three minutes each, and were written for the following major clients: Gekkeikan Sake, Hitachi, Kao Cosmetics, Keisei Skyliner, Nissan, NTT Group, Sapporo Beer, Shiseido, Sony. Many of Japan's finest musicians were involved, and the Gekkeikan track features a beautiful vocal by Norwegian jazz diva Karin Krog. The cover and booklet feature a selection of Morgan's light paintings.

Click here for more information and audio samples.

An alternative mix of the first track is the featured opening track on "SHIFT III - NISSAN CM TRACKS" (DefSTAR DFCP-16) also released today. Morgan also created the featured opening track on the "SHIFT II" album (Sony MHCP-971, 2006).

August 14, 2008

Through the new Superdeluxe label Medama Records, the first five Morgan's Organ live albums are now on sale as downloads at iTunes, Amazon.com and other online vendors. These are live recordings of Morgan's monthly solo improvisations at the Superdeluxe club in Tokyo.

* Each Morgan's Organ album is on sale at a budget price and features one of Morgan's Light Paintings on the cover

* Excerpts up to about 10 minutes long may be heard at the Morgan's Organ myspace website

* Tracks under 10 minutes long may be purchased individually

* On Amazon.com, search under "MP3 Downloads" for "Morgan's Organ"

* On iTunes, search for "Morgan's Organ" (better than "Morgan Fisher")

* Due to occasional technical problems, some material may be edited, so album lengths vary. Never mind the width, feel the quality...

* Medama means "eyeball"

The two Miniatures albums (collections of one-minute songs by artists from all over the map, curated by Morgan) and the two Hybrid Kids albums (Morgan's eclectic-art-punk covers albums) are now on sale as medium-price double CD's from Cherry Red Records.

More information here:



May 18, 2008

Morgan has just opened a Guest Book where you may say hello, leave messages, ask questions, etc, etc... Looking forward to hearing from you! It's over at the Contents page.

March 17, 2008

The new Morgan's Organ myspace website is now open. It features several long excerpts from the live recordings, and a continuous slide show of live photos. More material will be uploaded in the future; any comments will be much appreciated!

November 27, 2007

Miniatures 1 is now available for download purchase. Please see the Miniatures page.

Three fascinating new releases include Morgan as arranger/singer, photographer, and interviewer:

The Delta Saxophone Quartet album mentioned last June, entitled "Dedicated to you, but you weren't listening" has been released on Moonjune Records. It is receiving rave reviews everywhere. More information here:

http://www.moonjune.com/MJR017.htm (includes audio samples - the track Morgan arranged and sang on is #7)


"Abbotts Langley" is a new CD of previously unreleased songs by Ollie Halsall (RIP) and John Halsey - the incredible guitarist and drummer from Patto and The Rutles (Ollie also played with Tempest and Kevin Ayers). Several photographs taken by Morgan when he was playing with them in the late 70's are featured (including the front cover). More information here:



A new 2-CD reissue is now available of the fascinating album "An Evening With Quentin Crisp." Additional material includes a long interview Morgan had with Quentin Crisp in his Chelsea apartment in 1980 while recording him for the "Miniatures" album. Several photographs taken by Morgan of the inimitable and much-missed Mr. Crisp are included. More information here:

http://www.cherryred.co.uk/cherryred/artists/quentincrisp.php (may also be purchased here as downloads)


July 11, 2007

LIGHT PAINTING / SOUND PAINTING is the title of Morgan's photo exhibition to be held at the Cool Train gallery/jazz club in Tokyo's Nogizaka district, from August 1 to 12. He will perform there on August 4.

The interview Morgan filmed for monday9am.tv (see November 20, 2006 below) can now be downloaded for free from www.monday9amtv.com Dozens of other fascinating and inspiring film interviews are also available there in wmv and ipod formats.

June 26, 2007

Morgan has been invited to arrange a Soft Machine track for the Delta Saxophone Quartet, England's leading contemporary saxophone quartet. He finally decided to merge two classic tracks from Soft Machine's "Third" album, singing "Moon in June" on top of "Out-Bloody-Rageous," titling the resulting collage "Outrageous Moon," and dedicating it to his old friend, Keith Moon, drummer of The Who. Morgan's voice sounds uncannily similar to that of Soft Machine's singer/drummer, Robert Wyatt. The album will be released in October 2007 on Moonjune Records. More information here:



January 25, 2007

ONLINE ALBUM SALES. Over 20 of Morgan’s albums listed on this website now have direct links to Amazon web pages in the USA, UK, and Canada, making it easy to purchase them. All of his albums currently available from Cherry Red Records also have links to their downloads website, where you can listen to excerpts and purchase mp3 downloads of an entire album or individual tracks. For non-Japanese residents living in Japan, some albums have links to Amazon.co.jp (pages are partially in English), which can often be a cheaper and faster option for purchasing albums. Please go to the Discography page, then click on individual albums for more details.

More links will be added in the future. Also in the future there will be links to the iTunes website, for purchase of live recordings of the Morgan’s Organ concerts. Please check here again for an announcement.

January 11, 2007

LIGHT PAINTING EXHIBITION. From January 12 to 31, there will be an exhibition of Morgan's Light Paintings at Superdeluxe, Nishi-Azabu.

November 29, 2006

Morgan recently had the honour of composing and performing the music for a new film A Zen Life directed by Canadian Michael Goldberg. This fascinating 77-minute documentary covers the life of Zen scholar Daisetz T Suzuki (1870-1966), who played a leading role in bringing Zen Buddhism to the western world. The film includes interviews with a variety of renowned people whose lives were deeply affected by their contact with Suzuki, including John Cage, Gary Snyder, Donald Richie, Huston Smith, as well as Suzuki's personal secretary, Mihoko Okamura. Rare footage and recordings of D. T. Suzuki himself - the man who insisted the question is not “to be or not to be” but rather “to be and not to be” - are featured. Evidence of his influence on Carl Jung, Alan Watts, Thomas Merton, Eric Fromm, and many others is also included.

A Zen Life has already received accolades at numerous international film festivals, and won the Chris Award for the best film on religion at the 2006 Columbus International Film and Video Festival. A DVD version of the film is planned. Today it had a packed-house Japan premiere at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo. It will be screened at the 34th Morgan's Organ concert on December 13th, 2006.

More information on the film is here: www.azenlife-film.org

November 20, 2006

Morgan is the featured interviewee in the Film Of The Week on a fascinating website called monday9am.tv. Englishman Nic Askew, who created the website, describes it like this:

We make short films that provoke you to think about what it is that makes you feel truly alive. A new film every Monday - all you need is around 5 minutes each week. The films star a catalogue of extraordinary people who are following their path in some way. But the films are more about you & me than they are about them. They ask questions of you. Questions we don't set out to answer, as often they are the ones that only you should answer for yourself. monday9am ... because Monday at 9am is the time at which most of us question what it is that we're doing, and then proceed to completely forget (or is it ignore) the question.

Morgan expresses some of the realisations he had after working with major rock stars - then tells the story of something remarkable that happened to him on a train to Kyoto. The film runs until November 27 (Monday morning, of course) after which it should be available in the Archives section.

Morgan is a regular monday9am.tv viewer, and recommends it highly.

September 26, 2006

The Minus 5 are a band formed by Scott McCaughey with Peter Buck (guitarist of REM) and Bill Rieflin (drummer of REM). They appeared on "Miniatures 2" (released in 2000), and subsequently Morgan played on several of their album tracks. Morgan will play live with them for the first time, at FAB in Omotesando, Tokyo, on October 7th and 8th. Famed British singer/songwriter Robyn Hitchcock will also appear.

Morgan recently made his acting debut - a small but significant part as a German classical pianist named Liechtenstein in a beautiful Japanese feature film entitled "Shindo" ("Child Prodigy"), produced by Picnic Pictures / Bitters End and directed by Koji Hagiuda. Release will be in spring 2007. There is some brief information here.

Information about three Japanese compilation albums for which Morgan recently created tracks:

"C.U.E. Compilation #3" (free/ambient/avant-garde music, mainly Japanese, includes British remixer Scanner)

"Monophonic Ensemble" (the theme is that all tracks are mono, ambient/folktronica/free music, includes Japanese techno musician Towa Tei)

"Overflow" (tracks on the theme of hot springs, electronica/ambient plus traditional Japanese folk)

The Links Page has had a major update.

July 31, 2006

The new "Morgan's Organ" Photo Gallery has opened, with great live photographs by several fine photographers.

Please click here to see the Gallery.

November 27, 2005

At the end of October Morgan flew to Vienna to perform for the first time with German ambient music pioneer Roedelius. The concert was to launch their new collaboration album "Neverless." See the Discography page for more information.

Morgan has also been busy making tracks for two new Japanese compilation albums - more information on those soon.

Regarding his ever-growing collection of rare and unusual instruments, the big news is that the real "Morgan's Organ" has finally arrived! This is a beautiful portable pipe organ, made especially for Morgan by Wakeley Organs of Melbourne, Australia. Two years in the making, this is the realisation of a dream Morgan has had for many years. The organ will make its live debut at the 23rd "Morgan's Organ" monthly concert at Superdeluxe, Tokyo.

April 30, 2005

Three new CD's featuring Morgan are now available - two of them re-issues, one a brand new collaboration. First, the re-issues: "Nova Solis", the first album recorded by the Morgan band in Rome in 1972, has been gorgeously repackaged in a gatefold cover replicating the original LP sleeve, with extensive sleeve notes in English, Japanese and Italian! This is part of the "Legends of British Rock" series from the Japanese label, Air Mail Recordings. (The same label have also just re-issued "Igginbottom's Wrench", the 1969 debut album by jazz guitar hero Allan Holdsworth, which was co-produced by Morgan.)

The other re-issue is a two-for-the-price-of-one CD of the last album Morgan recorded before moving to Japan, the John Leckie production "Seasons" (1983), plus the first album he recorded in Japan, "Look At Life" (1984). It's available from Voiceprint Records, UK. See the Discography page for more details on these two re-issues.

The collaboration project is "Tenma", by Japanese jazz drummer Osami Mizuno. This CD is dedicated to Miles Davis superdrummer Tony Williams, who tragically passed away in 1997. Osami studied at Berklee with the same drum teacher as Tony, and was a close friend of his for many years. This excellent blend of jazz and world music features Morgan as player, remixer and arranger and is highly recommended as an opportunity to see him working in yet another new area of music. For information on this release (in Japanese) please click on this link.

June 16, 2003

After a long gap, (3 years since "Miniatures 2"), Morgan has just released a new recording. "Three Faces" is a 7" vinyl single, his first in over 20 years. Please see the Discography for more information. It's a modest release, but its three tracks point to some interesting new directions for Morgan's album releases in the future. Morgan's home studio has just been updated with a new superfast Mac computer and some other high-tech toys, and as soon as everything is running smoothly he will be working on a large backlog of musical ideas - watch for news.

The Futon Logic concerts in the UK went really well - they wowed the audiences with their brilliant blend of traditional and modern music and visuals. After living in Japan for 19 years, Morgan has got used to the richness of Japanese culture and was quite amazed at the impact it had on the English listeners.

January 1st, 2003

At last, a major update. More updates will follow at shorter intervals. Also watch for announcements of Morgan's concerts in the future.

The Art Gallery is open, with three sections showing different aspects of Morgan's visual works.

The Discography has been greatly expanded. Thumbnail images of each of Morgan's solo albums can be clicked on to lead to an individual page for each album, featuring larger cover images, track lists, details of musicians, descriptive text and in some cases, reviews. (If you see any other reviews online it would be great if you could email Morgan about them).

The Complete Discography has been renamed Bands and Collaborations, and lists all the albums other than solo albums that Morgan has made.

The Biography page has been brought up to date, and includes several photographs of Morgan from the age of 3 months old to the present.

The Links page has been updated, its layout simplified, and includes links to web pages where several of Morgan's albums may be listened to online (music samples will be uploaded to this website later).


June 30th, 2000

Greetings, and welcome to my home page. This greeting will function as the first news item on this web site. Others will follow at irregular intervals.

Putting this web site together, I realised that the present is always more interesting than the past. And what to say about the future? No matter what interesting projects I have been lucky enough to have been involved with, I always feel that I'm just scratching the surface, and that there is a whole life of creativity ahead.

Therefore, at least for starters, I am focussing here on my solo projects and projects which I have directed. For those who have an interest in the various bands I have played with in the past, I recommend you visit their web sites, which are listed in the Links Page. These sites are run by dedicated music lovers who are doing a very fine job of archiving, producing fan magazines, organising events, etc..

What is more important to me here is to share some of my more personal and current interests and activities - not only in music, but in such areas as the photography and graphics featured throughout this web site, and links to sources of information and inspiration which I find fascinating - I heartily recommend a browse through the links page. As with the two "Miniatures" albums, I hope that this site may attract people for one reason, then surprise them with new sources of material for their own enjoyment and knowledge.

"Miniatures 2", a compilation of 60 one-minute pieces by a cornucopia of wonderful musicians and creators from all over the world, has just been released. Due to the impossibility of including all the detailed credits, lyrics and so on in the CD booklet, there is a page on this site which does just that, as well as providing links to many of the participating artists' home pages. This album was a six-year labour of fun, challenge and discovery. Now that it is available, and this site is up and running, I plan to take stock, tidy up, slow down, kick back, look forward, and see what the future will bring. So at the moment I've no news yet of any forthcoming projects, except to say that I would be happy if my main keyboard was one that had black and white bits all along it, rather than a Macintosh keyboard. More collaborations are certainly a possibility - perhaps with some of the artists on "Miniatures 2".

Any responses or comments directed to my email address will be noted with appreciation, but as time continues to be doled out at a meagre 24 hours per day, I can't guarantee any replies.

Finally, I would like to thank my good friend, Mac expert, photographer and glider pilot Tim Exley for invaluable advice in the creation and upkeep of this website.

Thank you for visiting!

Morgan Fisher

• • •