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Morgan's Organ #22 - 2005/11/17 - review and photo by Richi Wallett

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Morgan Fisher at Super Deluxe, 2005/11/17

My love for all things organic has been refreshed. With the recent developments of digital music and the launch of the video iPod and Logic Pro 7, it’s comforting to know that musicians/composers such as Morgan Fisher still rank high in present day musical influence.

My passion for the organ and all its cousins came from the time I used to play my aunt's electric organ. A time when Stevie Wonder would be blasting out of dad’s car stereo while they were out shopping (glad to hear of his re-emergence this month). With productions such as Jamie Lidell's ‘Multiplicity’ and the Bob Moog documentary film released this year, there seems to be a desire close to Morgan’s perceived intentions - to create music that sounds like it was created with ‘clever’ composing software, but it’s the live performance that is full of raw creativity.

Morgan’s love for ducks [a series of his duck photographs were projected] introduces us to his first of two sets. Using tools such as an Echoplex to sample his voice then add each instrument to build up the music, it’s easy to see who contemporaries such as Matthew Herbert tip their cultural brims to.

As the set develops, the diversity of the crowd here becomes apparent, from true diehard fans lying down at the back to eager bunnies (present) glued to each finger. As the intensive LFO’s break the speakers' polycasing, somehow only wooden seems appropriate, like how the surface ages beautifully. Various moods range from ambient flutters to just dirty rude funk - it's performances like this that make me miss all my vinyl locked up in storage.

I think why Morgan continues to thrive in Tokyo (of which he’s been a resident for over twenty years) is the diverse love for all synthesized experimental music here in Japan. I hope to see him playing with artists such as Luke Vibert, Sigur Ros as well as undiscovered crazy local bands found busking on the streets.

All would benefit from his background and calm approach to his creations.

Written by Richi Wallett
© 2005

(Richi - thanks for a really nice review - I hope you don't mind my having corrected a few words here and there - Morgan)