REMIX (1999)

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Radical remixes of Re-series music

Japan: Prem Promotions PRE-0025

* Album cover photograph by Morgan Fisher

1. The Remix Theme
2. The Ohtaka Break
3. Lax
4. The Osada Break
5. Charge
6. The Doumbia Break
7. Balance
8. The Kaneko Break
9. Fresh
10. Knocking On Bevan's Door

Sizzle Ohtaka: Voice Performer 2, 3
Isao Osada: Trumpet 4, 5
Mamadou Doumbia: Kora, Ngoni, Guitar 6, 7
Aska Kaneko: Electric Violin 8, 9
Andy Bevan: Saxophone 10

For the last album in the Re-series, Morgan decided to radically remix material from the previous four albums. He used only the guest artists’ performances and built completely new tracks around them, creating one dance track and one ambient track for each of the four artists, plus an opening theme and an epilogue. The ambient tracks are almost entirely created from the guest artists’ contributions (voice, trumpet, kora, and violin). A multitude of digital processing software was used to radically alter these sounds. About the dance tracks, Morgan has no desire to label them hip-hop, techno, two-beat, drum'n'bass, house, etc... All these genres change so fast, and often overlap. He worked on this album in his home studio for over two years and it's a rich, complex piece of work, showing all kinds of influences from ska to avant-garde computer music, African and native American music, bebop, grunge, minimal music, exotica, etc, etc. In his opinion, it's the most successful of the Re-series. The subtitle for this album: "We are in Jump Time," was a quote from a lecture by the American anthropologist Jean Houston.