RELAX (1996)

New version with Sizzle Ohtaka: Voice Performer

Japan: Prem Promotions PRE-0021

1. Welcome Home
2. The Winged Ones
3. Siesta Dell Acqua
4. Tranquil Embrace
5. Touch The Earth
6. Touch The Earth Gently
7. The Relax Theme

Morgan was delighted that his longtime friend and all-time favourite Japanese singer, Shizuru "Sizzle" Ohtaka, agreed to add her unique, resonant vocals to this remake of "Relax." The two have played together in many live and studio situations, and for this album they improvised before an audience of music students, who were impressed by their easy rapport. Sizzle generously allowed Morgan to sample her voice and create lush yet minimal sound layers, reminiscent of his work with Lol Coxhill on "Slow Music." "Relax" was played during the birth of a friend’s baby - not a bad way to come into the world! The subtitle for this album: "Dive deep and listen for the silent voices."