REFRESH (1995)

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New version with Aska Kaneko: Violin

Japan: Prem Promotions PRP-0022

1. Brightsong #1
2. Shinesound #1
3. Brightsong #2
4. Shinesound #2
5. Brightsong #3
6. Shinesound #3
7. Brightsong #4
8. Shinesound #4
9. Brightsong #5
10. Shinesound #5
11. The Refresh Theme

For the first remake of the original three Re-series albums, Morgan invited Aska Kaneko, one of Japan’s most stunningly creative modern violinists. He had worked with Aska in several different situations, including a tour of China with renowned saxophonist Yasuaki Shimizu. Aska brought her high-tech electric violin into Morgan’s home studio, dozed while he set up the studio for each song, woke up and played brilliantly in one take, then went back to sleep! This new version of the album enhances the original concept, using bells, gentle reggae rhythms, mystical organ chords, and many scintillating sounds to create a vibrant musical experience. The subtitle for this album: "Soul shower under the glistening frequencies."