New version with Andy Bevan: Saxophones, Isao Osada: Electric Trumpet

Japan: Prem Promotions PRE-0023

1. Humtone #1
2. Shakerhythm #1
3. Humtone #2
4. Shakerhythm #2
5. Humtone #3
6. Shakerhythm #3
7. Humtone #4
8. Shakerhythm #4
9. The Recharge Theme

For the remake of "Recharge", Morgan had two musicians in mind and decided to invite both of them to participate. Andy Bevan is an Australian saxophonist whose band Tatopani specialises in unusual blends of ethnic music and jazz. Isao Osada (later invited to contribute a piece to "Miniatures 2") is a young trumpeter whose astonishing playing brings a hip, modern approach to the Miles Davis style of jazz. He also uses electronic effects which enable him to add harmonies and echoes to his sound, almost as if he were simultaneously playing the roles of Miles Davis and the Gil Evans Orchestra. The new "Recharge" takes a further step towards the sophisticated/primitive, wild yet non-aggressive sound world of the final album in the series. The subtitle for this album: "Activate the animal, the roar and the shake."