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Japan: Bic River Records BIC-0001

Portmanteau is the title of the first album by a new trio with the same name.

This is an ambient-style collaboration between Tatsuji Kimura (of Dip in the Pool), musician/producer Toshiyuki Yasuda, and Morgan.

Guest singers: Miyako Koda (of Dip in the Pool) and Michiyo Honda (of OVERROCKET).

Twelve original tracks (four from each artist) plus a cover version of Eno and Roedelius’ song “By This River.”

Cover art features light paintings by Morgan.

An “Audio trailer” can be heard here (about one minute of each track):

1. By This River (Toshiyuki Yasuda)
2. Compressed Carbon (Tatsuji Kimura)
3. Cave Hymn (Toshiyuki Yasuda)
4. The New Man (Morgan Fisher)
5. Jenny the Aviarist (Morgan Fisher)
6. Heaven's Above (Tatsuji Kimura)
7. Orgel 2913 (Toshiyuki Yasuda)
8. Toast to my Shadows (Tatsuji Kimura)
9. Maria in Musical Box (Tatsuji Kimura)
10. Kodaphone Opera (Morgan Fisher)
11. Seashell and Quaoar (Toshiyuki Yasuda)
12. Orgel 3038 (Toshiyuki Yasuda)
13. Patterning (Morgan Fisher)

Logo: Port. Man. Toe.