Music for the Japanese edition of Dr. Andrew Weil’s CD/Book on self-healing
Japan: Shunjusha ISBN 4-393-97003-9

Dr. Andrew Weil is a world-famous practitioner and teacher of natural medicine and self-healing, whose distinguished career includes an extended tenure at Harvard University and expeditions to the Amazon rainforest. His reputation has spread as far as Japan where he regularly holds seminars. A Japanese publisher invited him to release a CD/book explaining his approach to health. Morgan is often considered by Japanese listeners to be a "healing musician" although he makes no claims to this role and feels that most of the music made with healing as the principal aim turns out to be soporific rather than uplifting. However he respects Dr. Weil’s work, and accepted the publisher’s invitation to contribute music for this project. For this CD the music was extracted from the "Outer Beauty - Inner Mystery" cassette album and adds a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere to Dr. Weil’s words.