Shown: the Micropack & its contents
the miniatures micropack (1981)

microcassette version in a limited edition of 100

uk: pipe records / cherry red records PIPE MMC1

Morgan decided to release the “Miniatures” album as an aural “art object”, and made a limited edition of 100 copies of the album on microcassette tape, assembled by hand in a box complete with other miniature items. Morgan is interested in acquiring more copies of the Miniatures Micropack for his archives (please email him if you know of one).

Here is the text that was written inside this tape. The parts in [italics in square brackets] are Morgan’s recent comments.

CONGRATULATIONS! on becoming the proud owner of a “Miniatures Micropack”. Release date, March 1st 1981, in a signed limited edition of 100 (plus a few extra un-numbered copies for artistes and chums). Please find enclosed:

1. A Sony microcassette recording of the album “Miniatures”, a sequence of 51 tiny masterpieces edited by Morgan Fisher. There are a few minutes’ silence at the end of each side.

2. Four 35mm colour transparencies depicting: (a) the front cover of the “miniatures” LP, (b) the poster included with the LP, (c) the list of the artistes in order of appearance on side A, (d) ditto for side C. N.B.: some tapes are marked sides B and D instead.
[I have no idea why Sony did this!]

3. A page ripped from a rare and valuable 19th-century miniature edition of Shakespeare’s King Henry VIII.

4. A page ripped from a common and cheap new miniature bible.

5. Probably the world’s smallest playing card - from Taiwan - plus two of her larger mates - one cheap and English, one posh and Viennese.

6. A scaled down replica of the original invitation sent to the “Miniatures” artistes.

7. Possibly the smallest sketch book in the world.

8. In NUMBERED editions only: an actual letter from a “Miniatures” artiste, or an item of printed or written ephemera connected with the organising of the “Miniatures” LP.

Do tell us if you know of any other pre-recorded micro-cassettes - we’d like to think we’re the first! [I got no response to this - so I think we were!]

And now your invitation...You are cordially invited to draw, paint or write on one of the pages of your tiny sketch book, and send it in so that we may establish a miniature art gallery. Do have a little go! Please send your miniature work of art to:

“Miniatures Art Gallery”, c/o Morgan Fisher, Cherry Red Records, 53, Kensington Gardens Square, London W2. Thanks pal!
[Nobody sent any - a pity - it might have been nice to have had an exhibition, in enormous gilt frames, of works of art measuring 15 x 22mm!]