Covers shown: LP 1984, CD 2004 LOOK AT LIFE (1984)

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Japan: Omagatoki / Shinseido SC-2004L

Re-issued on CD in July 2004 with SEASONS, UK: Voiceprint Records VP290CD

1. Lord Of The Full Moon
2. Happy Again
3. Mount Fuji
4. Time And Tide
5. Pastorale
6. Meeting And Merging
7. Samba De Carnival
8. Heart To Heart
9. Summer Holidays
10. Erik

Milton Felix: Bass guitar
Ary Dias: Drums, Percussion
Ma Antar Gyano: Wordless Vocals

In 1984 Morgan visited Japan and liked it so much he decided to make his home there. Refreshed from his long break, he relaxed and waited for his next musical ideas to arise. He was invited to perform solo concerts in small clubs, where he evolved a more nature-inspired improvising style of keyboard playing. He started to compose music that expressed a peaceful way of life in distinct contrast to the intensity of his Pipe Records period, and “Look At Life” (subtitled “ten instrumental responses to a beautiful world”) was the result. By chance he met two Brazilian musicians residing in Tokyo, and invited them to play bass and percussion on the album, adding a rich Latin texture to several of the pieces. The album includes a new version of “Joss Bay” (retitled “Summer Holidays”) and the closing track, “Erik”, is a beautifully contemplative homage to one of Morgan’s heroes, French composer Erik Satie. (Note: the name “Veetdharm” which appears on the album jacket was given to Morgan by his spiritual teacher).