Japan: Prem Promotions PRE-1952

1. The Breathing Earth
2. The Beauty Of Clay
3. Kalimba Petals
4. Waterglide
5. Photosynthesis
6. As The Sap Rises
7. Slow Moving Clouds

This album was made in the year of Festival UK 98, a nationwide series of events to promote British culture in Japan. One of the events was Morgan’s solo performance in the concert hall of Goto, Japan's leading flower shop (the Imperial family buy their flowers there). As well as composing original music for this event, he decided to release it on CD. Also he wanted to re-issue some of the music from his (now unavailable) cassette album "Outer Beauty, Inner Mystery." So here are remixes of three long tracks from that album, plus four new tracks. On one track Morgan played flower pots (tuned by pouring water into them); they sound remarkably like a cross between steel drum and vibraphone. Another track features a long sample from his 1980 "Pocket Library of Unusual Film Music" sounding nicely lo-fi. Music to accompany the opening of flowers (and people).